Persian Cat – Chocolate And Lilac Color


Delicious chocolate or lavender Persians?

Can it be feasible? I, as a proprietor, reproducing Persians as well as exots, present myself such an issue rather just recently. Of, program they exist, if to see from hereditary perspective. These shades are consisted of right into basic, there is their summary, yet … Where are they? By all accounts from abroad, they have such pets but also for some factor they are regularly satisfied in pedigrees of British felines as speculative companions for leading brand-new shade right into the type, yet not such as exhibit celebrities. It needed to invested great deals of time to respond to the inquiry: “What is the genuine scenario with Lavender as well as Delicious Chocolate in the Persian team?”


The mystery emerged at the same time: there suffices huge variety of Factors with Delicious chocolate as well as Lavender masques as well as virtually complete lack of similarly tinted people. Most likely, the style played its function in it. Nevertheless, from the hereditary perspective Lilac-Point shade is harder in obtaining than, for instance, Delicious chocolate Solid (solid-monochromatic, “company” colour). Currently, many thanks to style’s jokes, selectionists are required to verbatim get Delicious chocolate as well as Lavender either from Solid-carriers CRC (service providers of Color-Point genetics) or to function simpliciter with shade lines, making copulations Solids (furthermore it is preferable of more powerful kind) with Shades as well as more interbreeding on the Shade moms and dads. Such copulations are produced a very long time, yet deliberate choice are started just recently here.

Just numerous reproducing baby rooms function today here:

  • This is JUKI in Poland. It is world-famous baby room. However once again they have Delicious chocolate as well as Lavender not like function of choice, yet like a negative effects of Color-Points’ reproduction of modern-day kind.
  • This is Smaragd in Estonia, which focuses on Persian as well as Unique felines of Lavender shade as well as makes use of in the job felines from JUKI as well as Finnish baby rooms.
  • Lavender feline of solid kind, got to high triumphes by FIFE system. Pedigree program of the baby room is numerous as well as consists of copulations with Delicious chocolate sires.
  • This is Tair Ballot in Ukraine, making use of additionally bloods of JUKI, yet specializing, the other way around, just in Delicious chocolates as well as Tabbys. You can see initial kitties from this earliest Kharkov baby room in Moscow.
  • This is club Irbis (FIFE) in Krasnodar, operating at the Color styles’ bloods as well as service providers of Delicious chocolate. Today the baby room Rarity of one sire, feline of Lavender shade. Currently you can see the initial Lavender prosterity of show-quality.
  • The baby room Kelisa in Sochi is the baby room of Delicious chocolate Persians. Prosterity of the very same kind, thought-out pedigree program. The baby room prepares the finding of Lavender Exots as well as the excellence of the kind.
  • A number of pets of Delicious chocolate shade showed up in Russia as well as Ukraine, yet you can not see the outcome of reproducing yet. Or these felines still also young, or the pedigree program is not considered, providing a quickly result. Delicious Chocolate Exot of Kharkov bloods resides in Saint Petersburg (proprietor is Orlova S.), additionally the city on Neva can possess Delicious chocolate Color-Point, imported from Poland, another Exot from Kharkov is bought by the baby room Dimarsh (Moscow).
  • Ther are pets of modern-day key in Perm as well as Voronezh, yet as a result of their seclusion from the resources or laziness of the proprietors we have a couple of info regarding them.
  • The baby room Alexander-Fred (Moscow) has 3 Delicious chocolate Persian felines (of various genealogy), one Delicious chocolate Exot, Delicious chocolate Lotion feline, as well as additionally numerous cats-carriers of delicious chocolate genetics. The baby room prepares the finding of Delicious chocolate as well as Lavender Bicolor felines. The baby room leads usual pedigree program with Kelisa (Sochi).
  • A number of lovers in Moscow began the reproduction of Delicious chocolate as well as Lavender Persians, yet possibly they either really did not have adequate methods to buy intriguing sires or actively chose to copulate of coming-into-being of pets’ kind, that initially obtained delicious chocolate shade incidentally of interbreeding.

It is needed to comprehend hereditary suitabilities of these shades to understand the regulations of reproducing as well as obtaining of Lilacs as well as Chocolates.

Black shade of the hair similarly with red is thought about to be the standard shade. Pigment melanin in black shade – eumelanin, in red – pheomelanin. All the remainder numerous shades (other than white) are just by-products of these 2. Black shade of the hair is created drunk of genetics B – black, which is specified complete chromogenesis. The pigment similarly assignes to the axis of hair from the origin till the idea. Genetics B – black of black shade is prepotent, as well as behind it the row of recessive genetics can be hiden:

  • Genetics brightener D (delutor – i.e. diluent), that provides a chance to obtain from the offered sire kitties of blue shade. This genetics is billed with circulation of pigments, their even more slim area along the axis of hair, making the tone of the hair much more light;
  • Genetics b of delicious chocolate shade (unique area of pigments along the axis of the hair), providing a chance to obtain from the providing pet kitties of delicious chocolate shade as well as, in mix with gene-brightener D, lavender shade. Factor to consider should be offered to the reality that genetics b is recessive. I.e. to obtain kitties of delicious chocolate shade, both of moms and dads have to be provider of this genetics, as well as to obtain the posterity of lavender shade, both of moms and dads have to contend the very same time genetics D as well as b;
  • Genetics of siamese shade is intriguing by possibility to obtain the posterity with siamese marks, consisting of blue, delicious chocolate as well as lavender shades (in the visibility of genetics of information as well as delicious chocolate shade at the very same time).

Existence of offered genetics can specify, examined the pedigree of sire or in technique, picking companions with recognized genes. However to obtain the shade, near optimal, it is needed to maintain to the regulation – to combine comparable with comparable. The primary need for the top quality of lavender as well as delicious chocolate shade is their tender, cozy tone. These shades work out with each other, yet as feasible companions it is enabled to pick felines of Red, Lotion shades, that provide their Lavender as well as Delicious chocolate children pinkish color of hair as well as brilliant eye shade. To Lavender as well as Delicious chocolate Tabbys can be advised Golden Tabbys as feasible companions or improvers of kind.

Peculiarity these days’s scenario in Delicious chocolate reproduction of Persian is that the job to do away with Siamese genetics ended up being the function of the selectionists. At the initial stage of the job it concerns the leading this genetics right into the recessive state. In future, many copulations of Delicious chocolates as well as Lavenders ‘inside them’ will certainly enable to clear the shade genetics of the populace.

Presumably that there is absolutely nothing less complex to combine Lilac-Point with Red feline, and afterwards interbreed littermates in between each various other. However the inquiry of the kind stands one of the most dramatically in Persians than in various other types. That’s why such means is inconvinient – doing the advance, it needs to do 2 go back. What we need to do? Extremely typically pets of black shade, particularly in severe types are the service providers of the best, modern-day kind, that’s why they are made use of as improvers in the reproduction of pets of various shades such as Factors, Smokes, Bicolors as well as also Chinchillas. That’s why it is suitable to bring in specifically them (or Tortoiseshell felines, gotten from black, elite sires) to the delicious chocolate program.

Essence from the criterion of Persian shades WCF (version by 1995)


Shade: All shades of brownish are approved, without corrosion, white hairs or image. Without grey undercoat, shade should be equivalent.

Wattle of the nose: Shade of milklike delicious chocolate

Pads: Shade of cinnamon or delicious chocolate

Eye shade: Copper or deep-orange


Shade: Shade of hair is light lavender with light pink glimmer, without white hairs or image. Without grey undercoat, shade should be equivalent.

Wattle of the nose: Lavender

Pads: Lilac-pink

Eye shade: Copper or deep-orange

Today the rate of interest to the uncommon Persian shades rises. That’s why I really hope that soon we can typically see the rarest as well as one of the most mystical Delicious chocolates as well as Lavenders on the programs!

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