Five Different Types of Glass


There are lots of kinds of glass, other than window glass and security glass, which can be utilized within the dwelling, though a few of them are designed extra for industrial or business makes use of.


Patterned glass is produced by passing molten glass over a textured curler which imparts its sample to at least one aspect of the glass; the opposite aspect is normally clean. There may be a variety of patterns out there, together with a quantity which can be found in tinted variations blue, inexperienced and amber, for instance. Patterned glass serves two essential functions: to offer a level of privateness and to offer ornament. The diploma of privateness depends upon the quantity that the sunshine passing via the glass is subtle, which varies with the sample. The frequent sizes of patterned glass are 4mm and 6mm, and costs for extraordinary white patterned glass are solely a little bit greater than comparable sizes of flat glass; tinted glass is roughly twice as costly. It’s attainable to get patterned glass toughened to be used as room dividers, kitchen screens, bathe screens or in all-glass doorways.

Diffuse reflection glass

Glass displays about 10 per cent of the sunshine falling on it. Generally, this reflection could be a nuisance the reflection of a window or desk lamp within the glass of an image body, for instance. Diffuse reflection glass has a barely textured floor and can be utilized to beat this drawback. It is available in 2mm thicknesses and prices about the identical as 4mm float glass.

Photo voltaic management glass

A room that faces south can get very popular when the solar is shining into it, and furnishings will be broken by direct daylight. Photo voltaic management glasses lower down the quantity of photo voltaic warmth radiation passing via the glass with out decreasing an excessive amount of the quantity of sunshine passing via although they do lower down glare. These glasses are sometimes tinted and a few have a floor coating. Most can be found in toughened or laminated variations and to be used in each single and double glazing items. A standard photo voltaic management glass is ‘Antisun’ float glass which is physique tinted gray or bronze and is available in a variety of thicknesses; 6mm ‘Antisun’ prices twice as a lot as extraordinary 6mm float. In addition to being utilized in home windows and doorways, this can be utilized successfully for glass cabinets, desk tops or for silvering as a tinted mirror. One other photo voltaic management glass it’s possible you’ll discover is ‘Spectrafloat’ which has a metallic layer slightly below the floor. The 6mm measurement is a little bit cheaper than 6mm ‘Antisun’. One other means of reducing down photo voltaic radiation is to use a self-adhesive plastic movie to an present window pane. In addition to reducing down photo voltaic radiation (and decreasing heal loss) this movie has a security benefit in that the movie will maintain the pane collectively if it breaks.


At its easiest, a mirror is a bit of 6mm glass with silvering on the again. The silvering is normally coated with layers of copper and backing paint to guard it. It’s attainable to get any piece of glass silvered, however it’s in all probability easiest to purchase a mirror ready-made. The selection consists of plain, tinted and bronzed mirrors for fixing with particular clips, framed mirrors, drilled mirrors (fastened with mirror screws), mirror tiles (normally fastened with self-adhesive pads) and mirror mosaics fastened with adhesive. Mirrored doorways are additionally out there for fitted wardrobes.

Ornamental glass

Glass will be stained, engraved or handled in different methods to offer uncommon ornamental results. It’s price investigating glass retailers to see what they provide. You possibly can even have glass with your individual coat of arms. One impact, usually utilized in pseudo-Georgian home windows, is bullion glass which is available in a variety of sizes to suit completely different measurement home windows and prices about 5 instances as a lot as extraordinary 4mm glass. Bullions – or ‘bull’s-eyes’ – could have bubbles or streaks within the glass.

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